You start a business, have happy clients, make some money and begin to realize your dream.

Then comes the neverending, energy-draining, back-office tasks.

Receipt tracking versus failing an IRS audit

Paying bills

Form-u-lot thugs;

  • IRS
  • banks
  • insurance firms
  • state agencies
  • payroll forms
  • manuals
  • policies
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc


You can get back to doing what you love.

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Step 2

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Bookkeeping is “busyness” keeping you from doing the things you want whether at work or at home.  Tracking expenses seems like a mountain of paperwork but it is just the tip of the iceberg.  Yet, without proper bookkeeping you could be “financially blind” and more likely to make bad decisions.  It could get worse if you fail an IRS audit.  

The core purpose of bookkeeping is to provide information so you can make better decisions, reduce risk, and improve success but, for most people, it takes too much time and drains energy.  


Have you noticed how most tax professionals seem to work more the IRS than for you?  

We are aligned with compliance objectives BUT we also take the time to ask the questions that can help you lower your tax burden. 

We do more than just fill out the forms.


Payroll has more dangers than entrepreneurs realize. We affiliate with Intuit and support our clients so there is ALWAYS complete compliance and minimal risk.

Strategic advice helps you fortify your estate, reduce tax burdens, optimize transition, and streamline your organizational structure. 

We can help with Intellectual Property utilization, restructuring your entities, manual and policy development, and operational process flow.


AccountingConsultingCloud Technologizing

Streamlined service from A to Z…well actually from “b” (bookkeeping) to “t” (tax preparation).  Good accounting provides the information you need to make the best decisions to improve success and reduce costs.

Now that you have reliable information, let’s use it to pinpoint how to magnify your success and keep more of what you earned.  This may include working with third party firms for tax strategies, entity structuring, report customization, production flow consulting, and more.

Yes, “technologizing” is a real word. 

We configure and use cloud tools that make back office tasks easy and accessible from anywhere.  Examples include: QuickBooks Online, HubDoc, Google Workspace, GQueues, LastPass, Evernote, and etc.

GQueuesGoogle WorkspaceLastPass

Tasklist management and organization software.

TEAM KEY – save an email or a website as a task, assign it to someone with a due date. Filter/report on almost any field.

Office suite of products from email to word processing.

TEAM KEY – more than one person can edit a file at the same time so collaboration is excellent. Shared storage also.

Keep track of website usernames and passwords.

TEAM KEY – share folders, clone items, revoke access after a date, grant access to trusted users for estate planning.